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Understanding Prophetic People - Review & Table of Contents

Understanding Prophetic People: Blessings and Problems with the Prophetic Gift - R. Loren Sandford

the author's characterization of a wilderness phase in the life of a believer can cause the reader to realize how important it is for Jesus to actively bring men to terms with the purposes He spoke into them. in retrospect, such phases can be recognized as the most significant time frames in the timelines of believers—just as it was for Israel. so the process can become intensely personal as manifestations of bitterness, confusion, anger and fear are being purged out. such expressions expose the self that one must leave behind—buried in the sand. all the while, the flesh will struggle against the action of such discomforts. ultimately, believers must learn how to rest in the LORD, and eat the Bread of Life from His hand.


  • Cover Page
  • Endorsements
  • Title Page
  • Copyright
  • Dedication
  • Forward
  • Introduction


I. Foundations


1. A Profile of the Prophetic Person


  • Rarely Happy
  • Burden Bearing
  • The Gift of Weakness
  • Eccentric Personalities
  • Self—Protections
  • Loneliness and Isolation
  • Uncommon Experiences
  • Awareness Deficits
  • The Fruit of Rejection
  • Life—Threatening Events
  • Overserious About Life in General
  • What the Church Needs to Do


2. Prophetic Ministry: An Overview


  • Definition of Prophetic Ministry
  • Definition of Prophetic Ministry
  • Prophetic Restoration
  • A Foundational Ministry
  • Prophetic Ministry Prepares God's People for His Purposes
  • Prophetic Dangers
  • Taking the Lord's Name in Vain
  • True Prophecy Is Undergirded with Humility
  • The Need for Testing
  • Test #1: Does this supposed word from God stand the test of Scripture?
  • Test #2: Does this word reflect the revealed nature and character of God?
  • Test #3: Does the word line up with what God is already doing and with what the Bible tells us God wants to do?
  • Test #4: Does it pass the reality check?
  • Test #5: Do any concrete realities accompany the prophetic word?
  • Test #6: Where prediction is part of the word, fulfillment becomes the determining test of validity.
  • Test #7: Whom does it exalt?


3. What Prophetic Ministry is Not


  • Prophetic Ministry Is Not a Bible Substitute
  • Modern Prophets Do Not Have Authority to Command
  • Prophetic Ministry Is Not to Be Equated with Mystical Experiences
  • Prophetic Ministry Is Not "Sanctified Psychic Reading"
  • Prophetic Ministry Is Not Warfare


4. The Prophetic Task


  • Edification
  • Exhortation
  • Consolation
  • Admonition
  • The Watchman
  • Prophetic Portfolio


5. The Prophet as Intercessor


  • Getting the Words Right
  • The Limits of Authority
  • A Special Class of People
  • Prayer Cover
  • Prophetic Declarations
  • The Hidden Role of the Prophet


6. The Office of Prophet


  • Prophetic Presence
  • Self—Validating Authority
  • In the Eyes of the Body of Christ
  • Substance and Specificity
  • Signs of a True Prophet
  • Creative Edification
  • Perceptive Insight
  • Restoration and Healing


II. Hearing God


7. Meditation

  • Sound
  • Repetition
  • Stillness
  • Pondering
  • The Choice


8. Numbers 12: Visions and Dreams

  • Visions
  • Visions as Encounters with God
  • Mental Images, Trance States and Open Visions
  • Natural Dreams
  • Direct Dreams
  • Symbolic Dreams
  • Dream Interpretation


9. The Voice of God

  • Mouth to Mouth
  • Dark Sayings
  • The "Nathan Prophet"
  • Journaling
  • Conclusion


III. Training and Placement


10. The Necessity of Wilderness Sojourns

  • Pathema
  • Calling, Wilderness, Return
  • Joseph
  • David
  • Saul Who Became Paul
  • Functions of the Wilderness
  • Function #1: The Desperate Craving
  • Function #2: Testing
  • Function #3: Secure Identity
  • Function #4: Rest
  • Function #5: Restoration
  • Function #6: Preparation
Wilderness Dangers
  • Danger #1: Anger and Bitterness
  • Danger #2: Loss of Faith
  • Danger #3: Apostasy
  • Danger #4: Rebellion
  • Danger #5: Disobedience
  • Danger #6: Turning to Other Powers


11. Still Deeper in the Dark Night of the Soul

  • The Promise in the Barren Womb
  • The Dark Night in Psalm 88
  • Verses 1—3
  • Verse 4
  • Verse 5
  • Verse 6
  • Verse 7
  • Verse 8
  • Verse 9
  • Verse 10
  • Verse 11—12
  • Verse 13
  • Verse 14
  • Verse 15
  • Verses 16—17
  • Verse 18
Nine Purposes for the Dark Night of the Soul
  • Purpose #1: Abandonment of Hope of Personal Reward
  • Purpose #2: Exposure and Purification of Defects
  • Purpose #3: Abandonment and Despair of Self
  • Purpose #4: Faith without Agenda
  • Purpose #5: Rest for the Higher Function of the Spirit
  • Purpose #6: Love for God
  • Purpose #7: Purity of Fellowship with Him
  • Purpose #8: Humility
  • Purpose #9: Radical Compassion


12. Issues of Placement in the Church

  • A Three—Pronged Diet
  • Platforms and Authority
  • Approaches
  • Testing
  • Pastoral Oversight
  • Misplaced Emphasis
  • Conclusion

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